Shareowner Engagement

This paper gives an outstanding overview of Shareowner Advocacy and its Impact.  The Impact of Equity Engagement


Below are links to some of the best advocates for using the power of ownership to bring about change.    As You Sow.  Shareholder advocacy leverages the power of stock ownership in publicly-traded companies to promote environmental, social, and governance change from within.  This advocacy can take the form of a dialogue between shareholders and the company or shareholders may file a resolution, which must follow guidelines set by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

As You Sow is also one of the co-publishers of Proxy Preview, an advance look at the resolutions expected to be filed this year.     Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, publishers of the ICCR Proxy Resolutions and Voting Guide.

Ceres maintains a database of resolutions filed and their status (filed/withdrawn/vote tally.)

Investor Environmental Health Network  also maintains a list of resolutions filed by investors and asset managers.

This is a recording of a webinar on how to get a proposal (resolution) successfully passed.

And this is an unedited, cumulative list of some accomplishments in the shareowner engagement space.

SRI funds accomplishments


Though this is dated end of 2013, this is a fascinating look at how major mutual fund families act (or do not act!) on behalf of their fund owners.  In this case, the issue is transparency of political spending (corporations buying elections or legislative actions.) Corporate Political Spending and the Mutual Fund Vote



Some of the asset management companies that are more active in this space have pages or more dedicated to their shareowner engagement efforts.  A few are listed below.



Walden 2014 engagement brief


Shareholder Advocacy Highlights 2013


Zevin has a great page with up-to-date advocacy news.

Here is a summary of Zevin’s 2013 and  2014 Advocacy Efforts.


PORTICO BENEFITS:  As an ELCA ministry, Portico offers health, flexible spending, retirement, disability, and survivor plans to help rostered leaders and lay employees strengthen their well-being.


Some news stories about engagement:


Investors active in shareowner advocacy:  Obviously, the names listed as Filers or Co-Filers on any resolution list is key.  But as names pop up, we will put them here also.

Unitarian Universalist Association / Common Endowment Fund

NYC Pension Fund

California State Teachers’ Retirement System

Signatories for Responsible Palm Oil

Signatories for Russian LGBTQ rights


These are some quick notes on what made for most successful efforts in 2013.  Patterns in proposals


Shareowner Advocacy: A Behind-The-Scenes Tour With First Affirmative Financial Network.

Shareowner engagement consultants:     Investor Voice is a Social Purpose Corporation (SPC) that develops and implements robust shareholder engagement strategies for institutions, individuals, and non-profits. On behalf of clients we develop and file shareholder resolutions, engage with stakeholders, negotiate with company management, and present resolutions for votes at annual meetings of shareholders.