Non-profits offering sustainability information     This site is designed for individuals residing in the UK, but still very useful for everyone.  Learn about how and where your money is invested, search for green and ethical financial products, and find out how you can help make finance more sustainable.  Your Ethical Money is an initiative of EIRIS.     Green America (formerly Co-op America)’s mission is to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. is building a global climate movement.  The number 350 means climate safety: to preserve a livable planet, scientists tell us we must reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from its current level of 400 parts per million to below 350 ppm.   The Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB) is a global centre of excellence and expertise (a think & do tank) on the relationship between business and internationally proclaimed human rights standards.  We work to shape policy, advance practice and strengthen accountability to ensure the activities of companies do not contribute to human rights abuses, and in fact lead to positive outcomes.      CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) is an international, not-for-profit organization providing the only global system for companies and cities to measure, disclose, manage and share vital environmental information. We work with market forces to motivate companies to disclose their impacts on the environment and natural resources and take action to reduce them.    The Skoll Global Threats Fund’s mission is to confront global threats imperiling humanity by seeking solutions, strengthening alliances, and spurring actions needed to safeguard the future.    BALLE (pronounced bolly) was founded in 2001 to nurture and curate the emergence of a new economy – one that will gradually displace our destructive and failing economy with a system that supports the health, prosperity, and happiness for all people and regenerates the vital ecosystems upon which our economy depends. With a focus on real change within a generation, BALLE works to identify and connect pioneering leaders, spread solutions, and attract investment toward local economies.  BALLE, which stands for the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, provides a national forum for visionary local economy leaders and funders to connect, build their capacity, and innovate.    SVN (Social Venture Network) is a community of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs working together to create transformational innovation, growth and impact.     Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) is the champion for social enterprise in the United States. Our aim is for social enterprise to reach its full potential as a force for positive social change, in service to the common good. To achieve this purpose, we provide social enterprises with the tools and resources they need to succeed, and work on building an optimal environment in which they can thrive.    Certified B Corporations are leading a global movement to redefine success in business.  By voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance, Certified B Corps are distinguishing themselves in a   cluttered marketplace by offering a positive vision of a better way to do business.  See also:     CSRwire is a digital media platform for the latest news, views and reports in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability.      Responsible Sourcing Network (RSN), a project of As You Sow, is dedicated to ending human rights abuses and forced labor associated with the raw materials found in products we use every day. RSN builds responsible supply chain coalitions of diverse stakeholders including investors, companies, and human rights advocates.         an exercise designed to shock      KnowTheChain is a resource to promote greater transparency and dialogue around issues of slavery in supply chains. It was created to educate companies, investors, policymakers, and consumers about the existence of slavery in supply chains, and to encourage greater disclosure and transparency related to SB-657 (California Transparency in Supply Chains Act.)     The Center for Responsible Lending is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that works to protect homeownership and family wealth by fighting predatory lending practices.    Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change.   We train and support volunteers to engage elected officials, the media and the public.     A site chock full of answers to questions about energy that are typically answered incorrectly.  A resource of the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE.)  A great place to search for powerful quotes when addressing skeptics.     ETA’s mission is to research and analyze energy markets in the context of the economic and policy trends that are driving one of the great transitions in history — the transition away from fossil fuels towards more sustainable sources of energy. Analyzing the economic and policy risks increasingly embedded in the exploration, development, and extraction of fossil fuels will be a central focus of the group’s work, with ETA offering advisory and consulting services to the not-for-profit, public and commercial sectors.      We are members of Friends of the Earth International, a global network representing more than two million activists in 75 different countries. In the United States, we advocate in the halls of Congress, in state capitals, and with community groups around the country. With offices in Washington, D.C., and Berkeley, CA, and members in all 50 states, we urge policymakers to defend the environment and work towards a healthy environment for all people.     Croatan Institute is an independent institute for advanced social and environmental research and engagement. With initial funding from foundations, sustainable investment groups, civil society, and community development organizations, the Institute’s activities address some of the most complex sustainability challenges of our time, often in close partnership with practitioners in the field and movements for social and environmental change.     We work with everyone to advance human rights in business. We track over 5600 companies, and help the vulnerable eradicate abuse.  Free Weekly Updates alert subscribers (free to subscribe) to the top stories and breaking news about business & human rights by email, highlighting positive initiatives and drawing attention to alleged abuses.     The Council on Economic Priorities.  Alice Tepper Marlin founded this nonprofit public interest organization to research corporate social responsibility in 1969.  CEP publishes corporate reports, gives yearly corporate responsibility awards, started the Campaign for Cleaner Corporations and provides corporate social responsibility research for investors. CEP also provides Global corporate ratings, News Update Service, Corporate Environmental Data Clearinghouse (CEDC)     The International Integrated Reporting Council:  Integrated Reporting <IR> is a process founded on integrated thinking that results in a periodic integrated report by an organization about value creation over time and related communications regarding aspects of value creation.  An integrated report is a concise communication about how an organization’s strategy, governance, performance and prospects, in the context of its external environment, lead to the creation of value in the short, medium and long term.   Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, is a not for profit membership organisation dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains.

CORPORATE MONEY IN POLITICS     The Center for Responsive Politics is the nation’s premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy. Nonpartisan, independent and nonprofit, the organization aims to create a more educated voter, an involved citizenry and a more transparent and responsive government.      American political campaigns are now financed through a system of legalized bribery. We’re working to fix it.     We are building a non-partisan movement to pass tough anti-corruption laws in cities and states across America, and end the legalized corruption that has come to define modern politics.  And from where do most of the corruption dollars come?  The coffers of the corporations that we own.     The Center for Political Accountability (CPA) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that was created to bring transparency and accountability to corporate political spending.  CPA also publishes the CPA-Zicklin Index, which benchmarks the political disclosure and accountability policies and practices of leading U.S. public companies.