Early Adopters of Sustainable Practices Earn Benefits

Actually, the article below does not address the phenomenon described by the title above.  But the connection is obvious.  Change is inevitable.  The demand for safer food, air, and water will only grow, despite the efforts of those who profit from the destruction of them and the lobbyists paid to advance those efforts.  The companies who recognize this growing demand and address it first, rather than being dragged kicking and screaming, with have the infrastructure, patents, and supply chains in place when fighting the changes truly becomes futile.  In the case of the example below, those furniture and flooring companies that have already phased out (or never started) the use of formaldehyde and already employ alternatives, have the upper hand, and thus the longer term growth of business and profit in hand.  The laggards will be found scrambling to adapt and that is always more costly.

About Sustainable Investing 4 All

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