Capital Is Power and Power Drives Change – Good AND Bad

This is not an indictment of private equity, but rather a focus on the reality of how capital from all corporations, public and private, can drive not only legislation, but also the make-up of our communities, the services available, to whom they are available and at what cost. Some would argue that corporations should have no place in supporting, influencing, or writing legislation in the first place.  The Constitution only gave that power to individuals.  At present, this logic has been upended, as a majority of the Supreme Court has deemed corporations to have the same rights as humans.  Thus, until that decision, together with the concomitant other consequences of Citizens United, is reversed, this will be how laws, and therefore the structure of our society, will be determined.

The question then becomes, if corporations are the arbiters of what will be in the United States, how can we, the people, direct what the corporations choose?  If we want a stake in the outcomes, we need to utilize whatever power we have over the corporations. What we have is capital.  Corporations are collectively owned by their shareowners, which means anyone with a savings account, a checking account, a life insurance policy, a retirement/401 (k)/529/pension account, etc.  Choose wisely whom you support with your capital, and help direct their actions with your voice as an owner.  Seek and support transparency and keep the focus on what will benefit us all in the long run.


About Sustainable Investing 4 All

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