Greenhouse Gas Linked to Floods Along U.S. Coasts

One of the nice things about science, is that we can measure, compare, make predictions, and test them.  We can see the direct causes and effects.  But what will we do – what changes will we make to slow down these effects? The biggest producers of greenhouse gases here in the US are transportation and energy generation (heat and electricity.)  After that, agriculture is a huge contributor.  Are you investing in planes, trains and automobiles?    Municipalities with public transit?  What about industries that are bringing raw materials to their factories, or moving finished goods to market?  Are you invested in utilities?  What about users of electricity or heat?  Are you producing or using food or industrial crops?  What are your holdings doing to lessen their use of fossil fuels producing greenhouse gases?  Are they searching for more efficient ways to produce energy or use it?  How about re-thinking their supply chain, their methods of production, their impacts?  If you are financing an operation, you are contributing to addressing or ignoring these floods.  What can you do with your investments to make a positive change?  What are the first mover advantages of recognizing how important thinking this way can be?  Food for thought.  Food for profitable thought, with impact.

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