Serendipitous Irony

I wanted to point out some great irony in today’s Times.  Mr. Solomon’s DealBook column ( gave glowing praise to private equity firms and their long-running success.  Directly below the column is another article titled, “Private Equity Firm Pursues Gender Equality as a Competitive Advantage.”  (

Under any name, whether that be sustainable investing, ESG investing, impact investing, sustainable/responsible/and impact investing (SRI), values aligned investing, etc., the lenses we suggest to be applied to all investing are not “seeking those who do more good and less bed” just for the sake of goodness,  but because it reduces risk and increases opportunity and thus leads to better long term success and profitability.  Thus, the win-win or double bottom line principle.  Looking at all investments this way rewards the world and rewards the investors.  Just sayin’.

About Sustainable Investing 4 All

This is an information and resource site centered on using environmental, social and governance criteria about one or more companies or institutions in making selections about investments.
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