Sustainable Investment Advisory/Asset managers    At Stance Capital our intent is simple: To construct portfolios that mitigate material risk and generate excess returns while at the same time allowing investors to align their portfolios with their belief systems.    We call this Values-based Investing.     Boston Common Asset Management.  Asset management and mutual funds.  Woman-owned.  Offices in Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA.     First Affirmative Financial Network, asset management and consulting.  Advisors in multiple offices and portfolios offered through independent advisors throughout US.     Sustainable Insight Capital Management.  Investment management services with offices in New York, London, and Sydney.      RBS Wealth Management/ SRI Wealth Management Group.  Financial Advisors, San Francisco, CA.     Progressive Asset Management. Inc.  National network of financial advisors.     Jantz Management.  Investment management company.  Eleven 350, Fossil Fuel Free, and ESG Portfolios offered through separately managed accounts.  Boston, MA      Nelson Capital.  Investment advisors offering customized investment solution.  Based in Palo Alto, CA, additional offices in Corte Madera, CA, Boise, ID and Minneapolis MN.  Owned by Wells Fargo Bank.      Redwood Investments, LLC.  Investment management.  Private and institutional clients.  Newton, MA.     Trillium Asset Management.  Individual and institutional clients.   A variety of equity and fixed income strategies, as well as separately managed accounts.  Boston, MA. Larkspur, CA, Durham, NC.     HIP Investor.  Advice and investment management to individual and institutional investors, manages HIP100 and HIP Preferred investment indexes, offers HIP separately managed account, provides consulting to advisors and brokers on building impact portfolios.  San Francisco, CA.     Walden Asset Management is the SRI practice of Boston Trust and Investment Management Company.  Portfolio management services.  Shareowner advocacy leader (helmed by Tim Smith.)  Equity, balanced, fossil free, and fixed income portfolios, mutual funds, and separately managed accounts.  Boston, MA       Mercy Investment Services is the socially responsible asset management program for the Sisters of Mercy and its ministries.    Also good source of human trafficking information.  Saint Louis , MO.     Grassroots Capital Management.  Impact investment manager.  Mission is to help eliminate poverty and strengthen communities through investments in small and micro businesses, affordable housing, sustainable agriculture and affordable education, in both developing countries and the US.  Four Microfinance funds.  New York, Massachusetts (US), Hyderabad and Delhi (India.)     Zevin Asset Manangement.  Investment management for individuals and institutions.  Employee-owned.   Separately managed accounts based on four composite portfolios.  Boston, MA.     Newground Social Investment.  Manages money for organizations and individuals of means.  Seattle, WA      Cleantech Finance.   Research and advisory firm helping individuals and organizations make educated decisions about clean technology and impact investment portfolios.  Impact investing portfolio analysis, consulting, market research, and maintains an investor database for those looking for funding.      Cornerstone Capital Group.  Woman-owned financial services firm offering investment banking and strategic consulting and investment management capabilities.  New York, NY      Vital Systems offers services for food and farming businesses and for investors to help grow food and farming enterprises, infrastructure and healthy economies.  (Private placement equity for sustainable food and farming projects, including ongoing management of investments.)  Berkeley, CA         Natural Investments is a national portfolio management firm.  Independent investment adviser registered with the SEC; work on a fee-only basis. NI has offices in the following locations: Paonia, Colorado; Kailua-Kona, Hawaii; Windsor, California; San Luis Obispo, California; Port Townsend, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Louisville, Kentucky; Charleston, South Carolina; Ithaca, New York; Maui, Hawaii; and Hilo, Hawaii.      Green Alpha Advisors is an asset management firm.  They manage one mutual fund, two separate account portfolios, and an index portfolio, and also offer custom portfolios.  Boulder , CO.     ImpactAssets enables philanthropists and individual investors to participate in leading impact investment opportunities by providing: impact investment products, including a donor advised fund and impact investing notes and educational resources to support individuals and advisors looking to engage in impact investing and to help build the field of impact investing.  ImpactAssets is an independent 501(c)3 organization, but remains closely connected to Calvert Foundation.  Bethesda, MD.   This is a link to a list of fifty impact investing specialists, provided by Impact Assets.     RLP Wealth Advisors is independent, employee-owned, sustainable wealth management firm, serving individual and institutional clients.  New York, NY.      Sustainability Risk Advisors  (SRA) works with investment managers and pension funds to identify, integrate and customize value generating ESG factors into fundamental investment decisions, risk management platforms, and engagement programs.  SRA helps asset managers and owners assess the materiality and signal to noise ratios of the 2,000+ sustainability indicators utilized today by sharing and developing best practices in integrating ESG factors into investment decisionmaking and providing customized decisions support tools and bespoke research.     Azzad Asset Management is an investment advisery firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission headquartered in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.  At Azzad, we rely on the Halal security selection guidelines issued by the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI), the gold standard for Islamic finance.  Managers of the Azzad Funds.     Clean Yield is an investment advisory firm working exclusively with social investors.  Certified B Corp.  Norwich, VT.

As well, the wealth management divisions of most of the well known names are developing expertise in this area.  UBS, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, BofA Merrill Lynch, and Goldman Sachs all have divisions with this focus.     Earthfolio bills itself as the world’s first automated investing service dedicated to sustainable investing.