A Plan to Rank ‘Just’ Companies Aims to Close the Wealth Gap

When we have hedge fund billionaires following our lead (even if they think it was their ‘original’ idea), we must be on the right track…or we have gone terribly astray.  I am sticking with the former.  This is a NY times article http://nyti.ms/1O2eoBG on a project funded by Paul Tudor Jones II.  A new project of his, Just Capital, will rank corporations on how well, or “justly,” they treat employees, society and the environment. The idea is to laud companies that offer better pay, happier workplaces and greater transparency.  And here is a bonus:  unlike many previous articles on sustainable, responsible, and impact investing which are leavened with skepticism at best and ‘balanced reporting’ at worst, this one clearly quotes a Morningstar researcher, who states that funds that utilize such research, “typically perform on par or a little better than conventional funds.”  Note that Morningstar is a late-comer to this realization and concomitant support.


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